January 7, 2016
  • Lantana’s Rayzor Elementary Tops Among 11 DFW Schools With More Than 8,300 STEM Books Read
  • NASCAR Acceleration Nation Partnering With Texas Motor Speedway’s Speeding To Read Program For Additional Reading Challenge Of STEM-Related Books

NAN-Color-Logo.jpgFORT WORTH, Texas (January 7, 2016) – Rayzor Elementary, paced by the leading individuals and classrooms, is dominating at the midway point of the NASCAR Acceleration STEM book reading competition that is part of Texas Motor Speedway’s Speeding To Read program featuring 11 schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Rayzor enrollment of 533 students has read 8,383 books with Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) themes through Turn 2, which is more than half the total collectively read by all the schools (15,360). The Denton ISD school in Lantana was led by the top individual readers and classrooms in both grade divisions (K-2 and 3-5).

First-grader Richard Kim was tops in K-2 with 561 STEM books read while fifth-grader Grace Weimer led 3-5 with 80 STEM chapter books read. The K-2 classroom leader was Aleisha Moore’s first-grade class with 2,876 books read while the 3-5 leader was Leslie Seavey’s fifth-grade class with 381 chapter books read.

The NASCAR Acceleration Nation STEM reading is a competition within a competition for Texas Motor Speedway’s Speeding To Read program to encourage elementary students to read more STEM-related books to further expand their knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. NASCAR Acceleration Nation is a STEM-inspired program designed just for kids. Through the website, in-school program and the NASCAR Acceleration Nation experience, the science of aerodynamics and the excitement of NASCAR come to life. For more information, please visit www.AccelerationNation.com.

NASCAR Acceleration Nation STEM Book Reading Competition
Through Turn 2

Total Books Read: 15,360
Frontstretch: 3,492
Backstretch: 11,868
School Leader: Rayzor Elementary, 8,383.
Top 3 Schools: 1. Rayzor, 8,383; 2. Samuel Beck, 2,556; 3. Rockbrook, 1,845.
Overall/Backstretch Individual Leader K-2: Richard Kim, 1st Grade, Rayzor, 561.
Frontstretch Individual Leader K-2: Abhiram Konakondla, 1st Grade, Rockbrook, 132.
Overall/Backstretch Individual Leader 3-5: Grace Weimer, 4th Grade, Rayzor, 80.
Frontstretch Individual Leader 3-5: Grace Stroud, 5th Grade, Peterson, 55.
Frontstretch Classroom Leader K-2: Silva, 2nd Grade, Rockbrook, 872.
Frontstretch Classroom Leader 3-5: McHugh, 4th Grade, Rockbrook, 189.
Overall/Backstretch Classroom Leader K-2: Moore, 1st Grade, Rayzor, 2,876.
Overall/Backstretch Classroom Leader 3-5: Seavey, 5th Grade, Rayzor, 381.

Top 5 Individuals – K-2
Name School Teacher Grade Books Read
Richard Kim Rayzor Moore 1st 561
Jack Preston Rayzor Moore 1st 337
Ryan Ogletree Rayzor Moore 1st 312
Ben Pace Rayzor Tormey 2nd 305
Constanza Lopez Rayzor Moore 1st 302
Top 5 Individuals – 3-5
Name School Teacher Grade Books Read
Grace Weimer Rayzor Darthard 4th 80
Kalyn Dakin Rayzor Parrish 4th 69
Aiden Montgomery Rayzor Williams 4th 48
Ariel Graham Hargrave Campbell 3rd 46
Noah Temer Rayzor Parrish 4th 44
Top 5 Classrooms – K-2
Classroom Grade Books Read School
Moore 2nd 1150 Rayzor
Silva 2nd 872 Rockbrook
Rafferty 1st 668 Rayzor
McNabney 2nd 307 Rayzor
Abernathy KG 295 Samuel Beck
Top 5 Classrooms – 3-5
Classroom Grade Books Read School
Seavey 5th 381 Rayzor
Shaw 5th 355 Rayzor
Jahnke 5th 324 Rayzor
Darthard 4th 270 Rayzor
Williams 4th 261 Rayzor